Our brand story

Story continues
Today we are proud to welcome every car enthusiast and buyers from across the Globe to Car Vault and experience an absolutely pure car-trading environment. We commit to offering you the best in-class service, with a personal touch on every interaction and a fair trading environment that enjoys real-time decision making furnished by a presence of our founders.
showroom launch
Finally opening the showroom doors in the summer of 2017, Car Vault has already proven to be amongst the best in Customer Service and supplying Quality Vehicles to a loyal and new customer base.
Vision to reality
In 2016, the concept of Car Vault began taking shape and immediately it became clear that the transition of vision to reality is no walk in the park.
Car vault idea birth
Combining their ideas in 2010, Sibtain Jaffer, Asif Jaffer and Shahram Parvizi, the concept of Car Vault was born and left to mature over time. With the aim to perfect an automotive business, the partners spent years developing the concept and creating ideas on how to stand out without sacrificing quality and customer service. Time made it clear that no automobile showroom was really about the passion or love of cars, as many promoted their businesses around the glitz and glamour with very little focus of the core trade. There was a big desire to solve this problem and come up with a concept that is purely about cars and to allow our clients have an extraordinary buying experience. Setting the bar to be the best, a team that boasts of over 30 years of UAE experience was brought together to ensure the highest standards of quality and customer service.