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Karlmann King

Karlmann King represents the first Luxury Superior Utility Vehicle. 
It is not a normal transportation tool, but an ultimate collection created for the global top-level collectors and investors.
We invented the very special and ultimate design conceptions on Karlmann King. We have been inspired by the stealth fighter. We realize the design language by using diamond cuttings on the unique Karlmann King vehicle. When you are seeing a Karlmann King, it makes you feel like looking into the eyes of a falcon. The design language of diamond cutting has been repeated in the interior as well. We successfully combine luxury with high technology, bringing you the enjoyment of very special driving experience
Karlmann King is produced by top-level manufacturer for small quantities in Europe. Karlmann King will be an extremely limited edition of a LSUV.
Karlmann King will bring a very unique visual feeling and driving experience for top car enthusiasts and people that love design. This highly valuable medium of transportation has been made for:
  •   VVIPs and is predestined and extremely attractive for car collectors.
  •   Actors, artists, music stars, singer and songwriter, designers
  •   Stars and successful people from the entertainment industry

People at the shows, where we are presenting Karlmann King often are asking. “Is this the next car for Batman; what is the name of the movie, we can see Karlmann King next?”

Karlmann King can be afforded by only a few people on this planet.
Karlmann King is not only a vehicle, but more a piece of art that will increase its value in the future. The price of Karlmann King is worth its 3.8 Mio. US$. We accept orders for customization. If you intent to customize Karlmann King, our team of experts will be pleased to help you to become your dream a reality.
The goal of the designing team has been to create an exceptional and very exclusive vehicle that is representing a new kind of design language. Headed by the Italian design director Luciano D’Ambrosio, the international team achieved this goal and created a unique king of the road.
The European top-level manufacturer has a huge experience in creating new vehicles and has a tremendous amount of craftsmanship, so that the design can be transferred into reality. Optimal styling, uniqueness, high quality, best components and excellent performance are the basic principles for design, as well as for manufacturing.
Being produced in Europe, Karlmann King contains the most advanced components, produced in Germany, Italy and other European countries. Chassis and engine will be supplied by Ford, USA. Based on the Ford F-550, an extremely reliable system with the proven V10, 6.8 litre petrol engine, Karlmann King shows the best performance on road as well as off-road.
Karlmann King will be recognized on the road as soon as he will appear. It’s dimensions in length of 6 m, width and height of 2.48 m and basically weight of about 4.5 tons, nobody will oversee this vehicle. Its special design represents power and strength.

Karlmann King


With about 400 HP and a torque of about 620 Nm, Karlmann King can achieve a maximum speed of approx. 140 km/h. The modified chassis with air suspension of Karlmann King will provide its owner a luxury way of transportation.
The automatic drive unit and further driver assistance systems will complete the vehicle.

Karlmann King will be produced on order only, as a big share of the car is handmade.

Karlmann King - outside it looks like a beast, inside like a jewel.

Each and every car will be very unique, as the interior will be handmade and customized to the dreams of its future owner. Every colour, all kind of material, whatever our most valued customers will love, we will do our very best to let their dreams come through.

The limousine-level rear passenger compartment is truly impressive. Separated from the front seats by a panel that includes a retractable wide-screen television, the interior of Karlmann King has everything you can imagine. The luxury 2 or 4 seats in the rear area are made of the finest material we can find and can be selected by the future
owner of this piece of art.

A 40 inch TV set, PlayStation entertainment, the most modern audio-visual system, connection to satellites and Internet, DVD player, USB connections, refrigerator, bar, integrated laptops, satellite navigation system, coffee machine, a rainbow of mood lighting and the tech toys do not stop there.

The price of each Karlmann King will be negotiated with its future owner and at the end will represent a precious and extremely unique piece of art. The standard price is at the moment 3.8 Mio. US$, Ex-Works Italy.

The vision and mission of Karlmann King is to become, as a new player, one of the spare heads in modern vehicle technology on the globe, providing to special people a very unique, sustainable and excellent solution for transportation.

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